Looking to sell your Porsche? Look no further

Are you wanting to sell a Porsche? Sometimes it can be difficult to shift a higher end car, even though the price for a used one is a fraction of the price for a brand new one, on average.

It could be that you’d prefer the cash, have your eyes on a new car, or that you simply wish to stop driving. Whatever your reason, sell your Porsche with ease with Uber GT.

When it comes to high performance or prestige cars, their team are both experts and enthusiasts. Some members of staff have over 40 years experience in the industry, and have gained a wealth of knowledge at that time.
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Jaguar Land Rover will open a new plant in Slovakia

Jaguar Land Rover has recently given the green light to the opening of a new plant in Slovakia, which will be built in the city of Nitra. According to the official announcement of the builder, the facilities will be valued at one billion pounds and will have about 2,800 workers.

The announcement responds to the recent confirmation by Jaguar Land Rover, to double its investment in its engine plant in the UK to around one billion pounds, “the largest injection is done in decades in a new manufacturing plant British will create several hundred jobs. ”
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Mercedes-Benz SLC 2016

Mercedes Benz
Go dismissing the Mercedes-Benz SLK, and greets the new Mercedes-Benz SLC. The little roadster Mercedes-Benz changed its name to match the names and complete renovation of design that is conducting the German firm in recent months.

We begin the analysis of the Mercedes-Benz SLC 2016 for its aesthetic section, where we can see how the name change has brought a small facelift introduces a new grille, new bumper, more rounded with LED technology new headlamps and an improved Exhaust system.
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Opel will also publish more realistic consumption figures

The German Opel announced in a terse press release that from summer 2016 voluntarily publish data obtained by the process consumption WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Test Procedure Light Vehicles), besides the numbers requiring approval European regulations.

In order to provide more consumption closer to reality, since in 2017 these figures replace those offered by the current cycle NEDC.
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Ends production McLaren P1

More than two years ago McLaren announced as all units of the P1 super car had been sold, this announcement came curiously when only a few dozen units had been produced.

UK firm today officially announced the end of production, where the delivery of the unit number 375 an end to one of the generations of super cars media sets. We talked to who has starred in the Porsche 918 Spyder, the LaFerrari and said P1.
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The new Land Rover Defender will arrive in 2018 with five bodies

The new Land Rover Defender will arrive in 2018 with five bodies
It was just 2015 and with it ends the life of a vehicle that has marked an era. The Land Rover Defender, as we know, will be removed from production after no less than 68 years.

There will be a break of a couple of years until the arrival of his successor, expected to be presented in 2018. The new model will be a before and after for the British brand.

And although still do not know anything about the heir to the Defender, Land Rover have already warned that his design will be totally new and will have nothing in common with the latest prototypes that have been submitted.

Gerry McGovern, director of the company, He highlighted that have personality. “When the vehicle leaves, people will know that it is a Defender, a modern Defender “he said.

This project is very ambitious, Land Rover aims to sell 100,000 units annually of the new Defender. To reap such success there will be different versions leaving a fairly diversified range.

It will be offered with five bodies different: two models of two-door, four-door model with a longer wheelbase and two pick-up, a two-door and a four.

The new Land Rover Defender occupy a middle ground in the gam to model the brand. It will be located above and below Discovery Range Rover. It is expected to maintain a robust configuration, but something more rational, to gain supporters and drive commercial success intended.

What is intended is to develop an attractive model that can reach more people than the current Land Rover, which is designed as a vehicle “hardcore”, appreciated for its off-road abilities.

The latest Rolls-Royce: A portable kit cocktail

The latest Rolls-Royce A portable kit cocktail

We can consider Rolls-Royce more than a luxury car brand. We can talk about a lifestyle. One way of doing things that is evident in the various accessories that the brand has, one of the most distinctive, unique and typically the last thing the British brand has introduced a portable kit cocktail. Because the champagne is already seen.

Only a lucky few can get one of these sets of cocktails, which requires eight weeks of craftsmanship with the finest materials to the continent for content. Hickory wood, leather and even some touches of platinum are present in the case, as in the cars of the brand. The design has been in charge of Sina Maria Eggl collaboration with expert mixologists two of the best hotels in London.

Of course bartending kit Rolls-Royce is equipped with everything needed to prepare the best combinations. Glassware, mixing elements, plates for snacks, ice bucket and even a manual to prepare cocktails are part of this exclusive accessory. Everything is perfectly suited to be transported safely and without noise.

This limited edition of 15 units will be available while stocks last in the 130 dealers that the brand has worldwide. The price? Ask those things is rude, but it gets out of the budget that we have reserved for Christmas gifts.

Forget the play, what you want is this simulator 130,000 euros

Forget the play,
If you have not written or I catch you writing a letter to Santa Claus for. But really, I have a brilliant idea for you.

Delete all and write only this: F1 simulator realistic FMCG International. Of course, I hope the Kings this year because he has had good business, because it costs a whopping 90,000 pounds, nearly 130,000 euros to change.

FMCG International is a company that is dedicated to creating simulators and now presents its latest product, a real F1 simulator with three screens, high-performance computer and Formula 1 car full scale . Yes, go removing the coffee table and armchairs, make him space to this realistic replica that can only lead virtually.

It is based on the F1 cars, but not only in its aesthetic. Use some production methods similar where no lack of carbon fiber. It has all the necessary elements such as spoilers, suspension or gearbox in sight. It has to tires and wheels truth ! What is missing is the engine.

Instead there is a high-performance computer Intel Core i7 with 16GB of RAM , disk SSD or high performance graphics card. All this allows us to display our game in three screens of 23 inches, placed so that mimic peripheral vision. The steering wheel has all the controls to mimic a F1.

Experience with this simulator F1 FMCG International reaches the point to be placed on the car steering wheel must be removed, as in a real F1. The bad? That does not have water to simulate the movements of the car, a shame because the manufacturer has worked a perfect suspension F1 carbon elements.

But how well you stay in your living room or in your garage is priceless. Well, yes, a price that crown the 130,000 euros to change. You can customize it and get a exposure time simulator in any room of your house. As you know, this time expect this year to Santa Claus to help them climb it to your house.

The seven major mistakes when buying a new car

Buying a car is a major investment and a decision that can greatly complicate existence. If you miss full. So here we remind the seven major mistakes when buying a new car. There is more? Yes, but if you consider these tips will hardly make a mistake of that you regret.

When buying a car, if you have not thought about it yet, keep in mind that it is the second most important investment you will make after your home. If you see it, it’s easier than you avoid precipitation and seven major mistakes when buying a new car.

In any case, here’s the break down for you to have in mind.

1. Do the homework

Thanks to the Internet, you have at your disposal a virtually endless source of information and, in fact, today almost nobody goes to a dealer for a model in depth.

In the center of sale you’re going to talk to a commercial, so you can not rely 100% of what I say, but in the online configurations each brand or the evidence published. If you have information reliable. It is best that you drench it all before set foot in a dealership.

2. Choosing the wrong model

Remember, after your home, the car will be the second most important investment of your life. This is the most common mistake when buying a new car and that tells you a professional, there is no vehicle on the market that is familiar, athletic, minivan and urban at the same time. Do you do less than 10,000 km / year? So you do not need a diesel.

Have you been good the third row of seats that day that every six months nephews take your training? If it’s just for something, I assure you: will be cheaper to pay a taxi or rent a minivan for a day …

3. Choose wrong time or have too hastily

Earlier this year, dealers start getting cars and sales targets that have the establishment or commercial own seem far away.

Therefore, sellers are more relaxed and have no urgency to ‘put yourself’ car. In late summer or autumn are generally excellent time to get a good discount.

For the same reason, you can not go to the dealership with the urgency that you want to be driving your new car in a couple of weeks, if you tell this to the seller, you will make it happy and I put easy to put yourself any model that is’ stock ‘a price’ friend’.

In fact, it is best to always tell the business that the purchase will not urgent at all, even lie.

4. Visit a single dealer

Do not limit your search to a single dealer, if you like a car, it is best to go to several and ask price. It is important that sellers know they’re ’round’, visiting several concessions to find the most favorable offer your pocket. And once you have it, always call another vendor to see if you can improve the, it is more likely that you take a positive surprise for your pocket.

5. Sell your used car wrong

Another common mistakes when buying a new vehicle, if you will give your used car, you forget that there is money you should invest in the best way possible. It is useless if you leave the new car at a very good price if you just appreciate old.

Is based strike a balance between the sale price of the new car and the purchase of your used vehicle. Do not rule out the option of selling on your own: almost always get more money.

6. Do not require a test drive

Remember, this is a great investment to make, you must be sure that your new vehicle will accommodate your needs and your tastes as a driver. A good test also should not be a few laps around the block around the dealer, you have to go by car to motorway and, if possible, to bring one home if for example you are not sure how much free space will stay in your parking space.

7. Find the best financing

To do this, you have to consider another frequent failure to buy a new car : exceed your budget. Set yourself up and you never pass there, with that amount in mind and before going to a dealer, talk to your usual for conditions they offer financing bank. It is true that the manufacturers offer the best deals if you fund them only a certain amount of your purchase.

The reality is that the only thing it serves is to make the car an attractive PVP, but look very closely the conditions of funding, because it is safer out there in the end, are you going to escape many euros as great of the benefit of the manufacturers comes from its financial services.

Bentley presents its catalog of gifts for Christmas

catalog of gifts for Christmas

Two months to Christmas, but with some almost ready to put the Christmas tree, it should not surprise that many brands will voicing their catalog of gifts for Christmas 2015.

Bentley was one of the first to introduce its offer, the new Bentley Collection offers products for public very different, regardless of age, sex or passion for the brand of the winged B.

Starting with the smallest of the house, among the new products highlights Bentley Bentley Continental GT walker, a toy that is aesthetically true to the original and is sold in blue and magenta colors identical to those of older models. Priced at 133 euros, it can be interesting for younger whim.

Bentley also offers its customers a range of cufflinks. Some recall the shifter new Bentley Bentayga while others try to replicate the characteristic signature of light from taillights Bentley. From 92 euros there are different designs twins Bentley, all somehow connected with their vehicles.

Crewe firm at the same time proposes various accessories to dress them and for them . Scarves, ties, scarves and all kinds of clothing are available from the Bentley Collection, which has a total of more than 300 products.

There are also various accessories such as handbags, wallets, pens and various decorative items for the home. No matter who you have to make a gift, because the Bentley Collection will always be something that can suit the tastes of those people.

Moreover, with few exceptions, prices are relatively affordable and of course, know that you are giving something distinguished.